Fight Night No Holds Barred

Fight Night No Holds Barred

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The heavyweight UFC champion is a Mexican American. His name is Cain Velzasquez. The sport consists of fighters that use various disciplines, including: jiu jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling just to name a few. What makes this sport interesting is that the competitors normally have a discipline that is their main strength.
It may be the case that a fighter knows jiu jitsu, Kickboxing and Boxing but his strength is boxing. It may be that the fighter knows various disciplines such as boxing, kickboxing, Greco roman wrestling and jiu jitsu but his strength is jiu jitsu. The exciting part about these fights is to see how the winner will win…will it be by knockout by way of punch, a kick to the body, a submission? That’s what makes this sport very interesting and exciting. You can win many different ways not just by blows, you can also win by submission.
At the event a motorcycle will be raffled away, tickets cost 80 pesos. The San Miguel aides will also be dancing choreography for the public. We will have a worldwide known kick boxer at the event. Event starts at 8pm and will end more or less around midnight. At the end of the fights the motorcycle will be given away.

For tickets e-mail or call 415 113 1840



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